About us

Version 2

We are Mart-Jan and Talitha van der Maas, and our children Joy (2008), Micha (2010) and Amy (2014). Together we live and work in Kep, Cambodia. It is super that you have found our website and we delight in showing you our experiences!

It’s very special to us that we, like any other Christian, have the privilege to partake in the work that God does on so many different places in this world. It’s our desire to live with and for the Lord Jesus and to show Him to the people around us through our everyday life, which is to us, at this moment, in Cambodia.

After a period of preparations in the Netherlands, with among other things an intercultural and international study at Cornerstone Bible College (2012-2013), we moved in the summer of 2014 to Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. Followed by a nice, educative and also very intensive period of language and culture study at G2K.

Next to this was there the process of learning to live as a family in a totally new country with new customs and traditions and on top of it starting homeschooling with our two eldest children for the very first time. We are very grateful for the nice contact with the ‘Regenboogschool’ (‘Rainbow school’) in Middelburg, the Netherlands. By mail, email and Skype we keep in contact with the teachers and the classes, and during periods of leave Joy and Micha have the opportunity to be in their own class. Again, we value this good accompaniment highly!

From the start of 2016 we work together with “Alongsiders” and we are grateful to learn to know this team of enthusiastic motivated people better and better and serve the Cambodian people together with them.

One part of the Alongsiders program is a yearly returning camp in which all Alongsiders spend time together, receive training and have of course lots of fun. To many Alongsiders this is the highlight of the year!

And in this is a part of our job. The mentioned camps have been there longer, but for a long time there was no camp facility available and camps were held on old hotels. Recently, Alongsiders, with the support of many partners, was able to buy a beautiful piece of land: ‘Shalom Valley’. We occupy ourselves with the preparation of this camp place and the implementing of the program. This big project takes form over many levels and at this moment (May 2016) we are in the design phase in which plans are being made how to build the camp.

The piece of land is, besides some trees and bushes, totally bare. How many people can we and do we want to lodge there? How and what will we build on it? How will everything look? Which materials are available? Who will do the building? How will we do it financially? How will we arrange for the waste water, the electricity and so on and on.

We work with a very pleasant team and enjoy our new task and challenge. We pray that Shalom Valley will be a blessing to the church of Cambodia. And of course we would love to inform you about how everything will develop in the future time!