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Mission is, bottom-line, not something we can do ourselves. It’s God’s work. We believe that we can do mission only with full-support from the Lord Himself. Therefore mission and prayer and very connected. Prayer for mission starts with the rock-solid-faith that God acts upon prayer. Not only within our sight, but also far away. We believe that we, by praying, can be a tool in God’s hand. We can pray for the spreading of the gospel in placed that we did not know about.

Praying or mission is a adventure. We are motivated when we see what happens when people start praying! We are partakers in Gods salvation plan, we help bringing it to the people. We are aware that we have to learn so much ourselves, and in the same time we stand in awe that we are part of His plan.

It is very encouraging for us to see that a growing group of people joins us in prayer. We also want to ask you to consider joining this group. When you join us in prayer it would be good to do this in a concrete way. In our newsletter we give out some concrete prayer points. In our separate prayer letter we give out more specific prayer points. Of course we do not forget to give thanks, therefore we give out those points as well. If you want to subscribe to our newsletter click the link.

Support us financially

To do our work we’re financially depending of gifts. Our HFT (Home Front Team) wrote the following in our newsletter from May 2013.

We (as HFT) are encouraged to see how God provided clearance over the decisions that had to be made, so Mart-Jan &Talitha have always been able to act with confidence. The future is often unclear, but God has revealed the next step always just in time. This gives us peace. This makes our faith grow.

In this last newsletter you can read how the process starts going faster and faster. The leaving of them to the other side of the world is coming closer and closer. It feels like a major adventure when we realize that they, with their two blond children, are leaving to that other side of the world and build up a new ‘life’ their, leaving all the familiar behind. They feel this the most, however we as a HFT also feel the weight of such a move. They have to depend on God: fully.

This is basically the same for every Christian, but we as Christians who stay here often have so many ‘safeties’ and ‘assurances’. It suddenly becomes an adventure when you have to leave all these things behind. We know surely that their is no greater and solid assurance than to live depending on God Himself. No reason for panic, God will not fail!

We as HFT see it as our task to inform you. It is great to see a growing group of people who are supporting Mart-Jan & Talitha, Joy and Micha. Supporting with prayer, attention, but also financially.

It is a search for us to threat this topic is a healthy way. It doesn’t feel right to speak about depending-on-God, and ask for money in the same time. But we want to put some attention on the topic of finance cause some people have asked for concrete information, what is needed to go out, this would help them in their considerations.

There are those who want to support Mart-Jan & Talitha and want to give a periodic gift. For those people, who would like to know how much is needed, there is information available. Information can be gained from the finance persons in the HFT, feel free to get in contact with us. Having contact gives us the opportunity to get to know each other a little bit better. We also know that there are some who would like to remain anonymous. That fine too, we’re truly glad for everyone who is joining in prayer and giving. We would like to ask you to consider what part of this work is to be done by you.

On behalf of the HFT, finance persons: Erik and Ann-Marie.

If you have questions please contact our HFT. Practical information about our HFT, bank-details or other can be found on the page practical information. Our HFT can also help you if you want to support in another way.