Mooi gedicht over Cornerstone

Hieronder een mooi gedicht dat we laatst hoorden. Het gaat over Cornerstone, het zijn hier en de ervaringen die we hier mogen hebben. Het sprak ons echt aan.


Yes! It’s Monday! I like that day. After Sunday, it’s my favourite day of the week.

In the early morning, when I enter the kitchen of Cornerstone, a group of students is working on the vegetables and potatoes for lunch.

“Good morning everybody, how are you today?”

”Good morning, how are you?”

”I’m fine, it’s Monday!”

I notice there’s not only the cook and students. There is a man among them who’s not at work, but still interested in them. Who is this man I wonder?

Soon, it’s time for Chapel. We all go there, also this stranger who seems not to be a stranger. Actually, he looks quite familiar.

All together we praise God with our songs and we pray.  I’m surprised to see that the man doesn’t sing, though he seems to know all the songs and agrees with them. Who is he?

He is among us, seems to be one of us, but still he is different. He looks friendly, but his appearance is, how shall I put it, solemn, even royal. Who is he?

Throughout the day I am aware of his presence.

He is with us while working in the kitchen. When we serve lunch I see him amongst the waiting people. And it’s a pleasure to serve!

After lunch we pray together for a Cornerstone graduate, and when I look up I see the man listening intensely. WHO IS HE?

During ‘prac’ he is there. He’s not working but clearly involved. When there is laughter he takes pleasure in it. When I see people praying, standing in a corner, he is very near, listening.

At the end of my day at Cornerstone I say goodbye to everyone but hope to meet this man first. I must know who he is. And I want to know him. I can feel that his presence makes all the difference. And when I get the opportunity I speak with him.

“Hello”, I say, “ I’ve got the strange feeling that I should know you. But who are you? I’ve seen you all day long. In the kitchen, during lunch, when I  had a cup of tea with friends, during coffee break. You were there all the time. And to be honest, I liked that very much. Actually, I feel almost sorry to leave and go home.”

Then he looks me in the eye and smiles.

“You know me quite well”, he says, “no need to tell you my name. Yes, I live here. But don’t bother about leaving. I’ll go with you.”

When I  look puzzled he smiles again and lays his hand on my shoulder.

First then I understand. I can see the scar in his hand…

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